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Should Your Dog Be Part of Your Wedding Day? Here's How to Decide!

Updated: May 23

Planning a wedding involves making many choices, from selecting the venue to choosing the dessert. But if you’re a pet owner, another crucial decision might be whether or not to include your beloved dog in the festivities. For dog-loving couples, having your furry friend participate in your special day can add an extra touch of joy and uniqueness. Let’s explore some fun and thoughtful considerations to help you decide if your dog should have a starring role in your wedding!

1. Know Your Dog’s Personality

First and foremost, consider your dog's temperament. Is your pooch the life of the party, or are they shy around large groups? A dog that's sociable and well-behaved might relish the opportunity to mingle with guests and pose for photos. On the other hand, a more reserved or anxious dog might find the excitement of a wedding overwhelming. It’s all about knowing your pet and understanding what environment they thrive in.

2. Venue Rules and Regulations

Before you set your heart on having your dog at your wedding, check with your venue regarding their pet policies. Some venues are more pet-friendly than others, offering special accommodations for four-legged guests, while others might have restrictions due to health codes or insurance policies. Ensuring your venue is on board is a crucial step.

3. Role in the Ceremony

If your venue gives the thumbs up and your dog’s personality is a fit, think about how you’d like to involve them. Here are a few adorable roles your pup can play:

- Ring Bearer: Attach the rings to a secure, decorative pillow or box on their collar.

- Flower Dog: Let them carry a basket of flowers in their mouth or have them wear a floral garland.

- Walk Down the Aisle: Have them walk down the aisle with a bridesmaid, groomsman, or even on their own if they’re particularly well-trained!

4. Comfort and Care Considerations

Ensure there's a plan for your dog's needs throughout the event. This includes having water, food, and comfort breaks. Also, designate someone your dog feels comfortable with to be in charge of them during the event. This person can keep an eye on your pet, handle feeding, and take them for walks as needed.

5. The Fun Factor

Having your dog at your wedding not only makes for unforgettable moments but also for fantastic photos! Imagine your furry friend decked out in a cute outfit, adding a dose of cuteness to your wedding album. Guests who are pet lovers will adore the inclusion of your dog, and it’s sure to be a talking point of your celebration.

6. Plan B

Despite the best planning, sometimes things don’t go as expected. It’s wise to have a backup plan if your dog becomes restless or stressed. Whether it’s a quiet room they can retreat to or a way to get them home if needed, planning ahead will help you enjoy your day without worrying about your pet's well-being.


Including your dog in your wedding can make your special day even more memorable. By considering your dog’s comfort and the logistics involved, you can ensure that this addition feels seamless and enjoyable. Whether your dog ends up being the star of the show or cheers you on from the sidelines (or even from home), they’re still a big part of your life and can be part of your big day in spirit!

So, ready to tailor those tiny tuxedos or adorable dresses? Your wedding could just be the perfect occasion for a family photo op—paws and all!


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