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Andrew & Karis

As a wedding videographer, I had the pleasure of capturing the memorable love story of Andrew and Karis in the vibrant and music-filled city of Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville, with its iconic cityscape and rich cultural heritage, offers an exciting and picturesque setting for wedding videography.


Andrew and Karis’s wedding day was replete with magical moments, each set against the eclectic and lively backdrop that Nashville is celebrated for. Their willingness to embrace various scenes and engage with each distinctive element of the city brought a dynamic and genuine quality to the film. From the beginning, their profound connection and deep affection for each other were apparent, making these the focal points of their wedding film.


Their energy was infectious; they were playful, loving, and fully present throughout the celebration. This not only made my role as their videographer enjoyable but also enabled us to capture authentic, spontaneous moments that they will treasure for a lifetime. We filmed across Nashville’s diverse environments, from its historic music venues to its picturesque parks, each offering a unique and beautiful canvas for their love story.


As the day turned into evening, the city lights and sunset created a palette of stunning colors, casting a warm, golden glow over the urban landscape. This magical hour allowed us to create breathtaking, cinematic scenes that captured the romantic essence of their special day. Andrew and Karis’s wedding videography in Nashville wasn’t just about documenting their union; it was about immortalizing the joy and love of their journey together in one of America’s most iconic music cities.

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