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Capturing Moments, Crafting Memories: Your Go-To Wedding Photography and Videography Blog

Welcome to my blog, where stunning visuals meet heartfelt stories, advice, tips, and more. As a dedicated wedding photographer and videographer, I specialize in capturing the essence of your special day. Through my lenses, I preserve not just images, but the emotions and moments that make your wedding unique. Dive into our posts to find inspiration, tips, and a glimpse into the artistry we bring to every event. Whether you're planning your wedding or just dreaming about that day, you'll find plenty to discover here.

Exquisite wedding photography and videography by Craig Peterman Photo and Video, featuring a bride and groom in a heartfelt embrace amidst a stunning Arizona desert scene at sunset. The vibrant cacti and majestic mountains form a picturesque backdrop, emphasizing Arizona's distinctive allure as a wedding location. Craig Peterman Photo and Video is based in Arizona and available for global travel.
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