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Ye Sung & Alex

As a wedding videographer in Arizona, I had the honor of capturing the beautiful wedding of Ye Sung and Alex at the Agave of Sedona in Sedona, Arizona. This stunning venue is set against the awe-inspiring red rock formations of Sedona, providing a breathtakingly picturesque setting for wedding videography.


Ye Sung and Alex's wedding day was rich with heartfelt moments, each enhanced by the vibrant natural beauty of the Agave of Sedona. Their enthusiasm for engaging with the venue and each other brought a lively and authentic feel to the film. From the onset, their profound connection and mutual affection were evident, making these emotions the highlights of their wedding film.


Their energy was infectious; they were playful, loving, and fully present throughout the celebration. This not only made my role as their videographer enjoyable but also allowed us to capture genuine, spontaneous moments that they will cherish forever. We filmed across the venue’s diverse environments, from its elegant indoor spaces to its scenic outdoor terraces, each offering a stunning and romantic backdrop for their love story.


As the evening unfolded, the setting sun cast a palette of stunning colors over the Sedona landscape, enveloping the venue in a warm, golden glow. This magical hour allowed us to create breathtaking, cinematic scenes that captured the grandeur and romantic essence of their special day. Ye Sung and Alex's wedding videography at Agave of Sedona was not just about documenting their union; it was about immortalizing the joy and love of their journey together in one of Arizona’s most iconic and picturesque locations.

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