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Michelle & Chris

As a wedding videographer in Arizona, I had the privilege of capturing the enchanting wedding of Michelle and Chris at the Ashley Castle in Phoenix. This regal venue, with its grand architecture and lavish interiors, offers a fairytale-like setting that is perfect for a majestic wedding videography experience.


Michelle and Chris's wedding day unfolded with a series of magical moments, each framed by the opulent backdrop of the Ashley Castle. Their willingness to immerse themselves in the romance of the venue and interact with its elegant features made the videography exceptionally vibrant and heartfelt. From the start, their deep connection and love for each other were palpably the centerpieces of their wedding film.


Their energy was exhilarating; they were playful, loving, and fully present throughout the day. This not only made my role as their videographer delightful but also enabled us to capture authentic, spontaneous moments that they will treasure for years to come. We filmed across the castle’s stately halls, ornate courtyards, and lush gardens, each offering a visually stunning and romantic setting for their love story.


As the evening approached, the castle's lighting and the sunset combined to create a palette of stunning colors, casting a warm, golden glow over the entire venue. This enchanting hour provided us with breathtaking, cinematic scenes that captured the grandeur and romantic essence of their special day. Michelle and Chris's wedding videography at the Ashley Castle was not just about documenting their celebration; it was about immortalizing the elegance and love of their journey together in one of Phoenix’s most majestic settings.

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