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Katheleen & Reilly

As a wedding videographer based in Arizona, I had the privilege of capturing Kathleen and Reilly's unforgettable wedding at the iconic Wrigley Mansion in Phoenix. This historic venue, with its breathtaking views of the Phoenix skyline and elegant architectural details, offers a spectacular setting for wedding videography.


Kathleen and Reilly's wedding day was replete with beautiful moments, each framed by the opulent and romantic ambiance of the Wrigley Mansion. Their readiness to explore different scenes and their natural interaction with each other infused the video with a dynamic and sincere atmosphere. From the onset, their deep connection and evident love for one another were palpable, making these elements the core of their wedding film.


Their energy was infectious; they were playful, loving, and completely engaged throughout the celebration. This not only made my job as their videographer a joy but also allowed us to capture genuine, spontaneous moments that they will treasure for a lifetime. We filmed in various settings around the mansion, from its grand ballrooms to its picturesque gardens, each providing a stunning backdrop for their love story.


As the evening progressed, the setting sun cast a palette of stunning colors over the venue, enveloping the mansion in a warm, golden glow. This magical hour provided us with an opportunity to capture breathtaking, cinematic scenes that highlighted the romantic essence of their special day. Kathleen and Reilly's wedding videography at the Wrigley Mansion wasn't just about documenting their union; it was about immortalizing the joy and love of their journey together in one of Phoenix's most scenic and storied locations.

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