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Joey & Miranda

As a wedding photographer in Arizona, I have the privilege of documenting the love stories of couples like Joey and Miranda at the Historic Bates Mansion in Tucson. This elegant venue, known for its ornate details and timeless charm, provides a breathtaking setting for wedding photography.


Joey and Miranda's wedding day was filled with enchanting moments, beautifully set against the refined interiors and classic architecture of the Bates Mansion. Their readiness to try different poses and engage with each element of the venue made the photoshoot exceptionally vibrant and genuine. From the outset, their profound connection and deep love for each other were evident in every photo.


Their dynamic energy was delightful; they were playful, affectionate, and completely involved in each moment. This not only made my role as their photographer joyful but also helped us capture genuine, spontaneous moments that they will treasure forever. We explored the mansion’s variety of settings, from its grand ballrooms to its intimate garden spaces, each providing a unique and stunning backdrop for their love story.


As the evening approached, the setting sun cast a warm, golden glow over the mansion, enhancing the romantic atmosphere. This magical hour allowed us to capture a series of stunning, ethereal images that encapsulated the romantic essence of their special day. Joey and Miranda’s photoshoot at the Historic Bates Mansion was not just about documenting their wedding day; it was about immortalizing the passion and joy of their journey together in one of Tucson’s most iconic settings.

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