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Capturing Memories

CRAIG PETERMAN - Photographer, Videographer
Visual Storyteller

I have had many careers throughout my life, but truly, nothing has ever felt right, or complete, or true, until I held a camera in my hands. Instantly, I knew that my real passion had been awakened with the whirring click of a shutter. Even to this day, I am always amazed at the power we have to conquer time, to possess a moment: to stop the movement of a clock, to save a smile, and hold it in our hands.

If pictures really are worth thousands of words, then allow me to be the one to help you tell your story. Allow me to let you live in the moment. Let me capture that moment, forever, for you.

No matter the task, the project, or the goal, I know that we can immortalize your memories, together.
Making seconds last forever.
Making moments last a lifetime.

"Excellent photographer..."

and amazing pictures! Value was amazing for wedding pictures we got! Much cheaper than other photographers we talked to and the pictures were as good, or better, than his competitors."

— Roger Geltz


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